xdivi About us

ACE is a community based enterprise. As such, we aim to be:
  • Community Owned
  • Community Led
  • Community Controlled
  • Socially & Environmentally Responsible
  • Financially Self-Sustaining

The board of directors meets monthly, and its responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring that ACE complies with the relevant legal and financial regulations
  • Approving and overseeing the development of new projects

Its board members are:

  • Chair          – Kathleen Cameron
  • Treasurer  – Carole Long
  • Secretary  – Debbie Khadi
  • Beth Hay    – AVCC representative
  • Peter Long – AVCC representative
  • Donna Shaw

    We work closely with other local organisations, Aviemore and Vicinity Community Trust (AVCC) in particular. See working with others for more details.