Aviemore Community Enterprise Company Ltd… Making Aviemore a better place to live

Aviemore Community Enterprise Company Limited (ACE) is a registered charity, and all of our members are volunteers who live in Aviemore and the local area.

We started life in 2002 as Aviemore and Cambusmore Enhancement Company Limited and in 2015 we changed our name to reflect more clearly the purpose of the Company.

Our purpose is to benefit the community of Aviemore and Vicinity by acting as a vehicle to progress ideas and projects that improve the immediate environment for both the local population and visitors to the area. Some examples of the work that we do are:

  • Flower baskets
  • Winter lights
  • Village Green refurbishment
  • Manage and develop community land

We rely entirely on the enthusiasm and generosity of local people and other supporters to raise the money that we need for our various projects and ongoing commitments.

There are a lots of ways for you to get involved with ACE and support our community. If you’d like to know more, see You can help!