Six Members – not enough

Unfortunately our first attempt at our 2022 AGM on Tuesday 1st March was declared inquorate. Our Articles of Association dictate that we need 8 members to make a quorum, but with only 6 present (all Directors), we had no option other than to cancel the AGM.

We were obviously disappointed by the turnout, but we’d like to thank members who sent their apologies, or responded to the news with  supportive messages and with offers of help. Our Chair’s Facebook post following the evening had quite an effect too, and we picked up quite a few new members as a result. It’s most definitely not all doom and gloom.

Our message to members

ACE gives each member the choice of how much (or how little) they wish to be involved, we really appreciate that you have chosen to sign up. But we realise that we obviously need to update our Membership message slightly, as we do need a few of you to turn up at the AGM once a year

We’ll be announcing the date of the rescheduled AGM soon – watch this space!




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