Who we are

Our history, values and Board members

Our history

Aviemore Community Enterprise Company Limited (ACE) is a registered charity, and all of our members are volunteers who live in Aviemore and the local area.

We started life in 2002 as Aviemore and Cambusmore Enhancement Company Limited and in 2015 we changed our name to reflect more clearly the purpose of the Company.

    Our values

    ACE is a community based enterprise. As such, we aim to be:

        • Community Owned
        • Community Led
        • Community Controlled
        • Socially & Environmentally Responsible
        • Financially Self-Sustaining
    Our Board
        • Chair              – Kathleen Cameron
        • Treasurer  – Carole Long
        • Secretary  – Debbie Khadi
        • Peter Long – AVCC representative
        • Alastair Dargie – AVCC representative
        • Beth Hay
        • Donna Shaw
        • Jenni Pacitti

      The board of directors meets monthly – minutes here – and its responsibilities include:

        • Ensuring that ACE complies with the relevant legal and financial regulations
        • Approving and overseeing the development of new and ongoing projects

      We work closely with other local organisations, Aviemore and Vicinity Community Trust (AVCC) in particular. See working in partnership for more details.