Looking forward to Summer

Hanging baskets and floral arrangements are a familiar sight in Aviemore, enjoyed by local people and visitors alike. However, it takes time and money to maintain them over the summer months, so we decided to find out if people wanted us to carry on providing them.

We did a quick survey, and more than 200 people responded. Of them, over 86% said that the flowers helped to make Aviemore more attractive, and wanted us to continue with them.

This result is very gratifying – it is good to get confirmation that we are doing something that people appreciate.

One of the ways that we can continue with this and manage the associated cost is to ask for people to help.

If you can spare a little time and would like to help in our efforts to keep Aviemore beautiful, please get in touch. You can do this via our Facebook page (a link is on the Home page of this website) or by using the Contact form.

If you’d like to make a donation towards our Summer Floral Displays,  as a business or an individual, you can do so via our Just Giving page. Please include ‘flowers’ in your comment and we’ll know that you are donating to the flower fund.  If you’d prefer to transfer a donation direct to our bank, please contact us for our bank details. 



Many local residents and visitors have said they...