It takes a village..

It most definitely does!

We’re sure that you will have heard the phrase before, usually referring to raising children.

It also depicts how the success of our community projects can only be achieved through the goodwill and support of everyone connected to our village, whether as a resident, visitor, business, or organisation.

It was disappointing to have to cancel our planned fundraising Race Night this week.

We have some amazing volunteers, and the generosity of local businesses always exceeds our expectations.  We couldn’t begin to achieve our aim of making Aviemore a better place to live without them and we know that the community is extremely grateful to them all.

Best laid plans

The need to raise funds to cover the costs of  Aviemore’s Community Winter Lights led our decision to hold the fundraising Race Night and following discussions with the venue, the Cairngorm Hotel here in Aviemore, we hoped the time was right. The plan was to repeat our very successful event held in 2019. What a fun night that was!

It turns out that unfortunately, it was too soon. The village were not ready to gather, and not enough people could be tempted to come out for a good night of fun and games, however good the cause. We had no other choice but to cancel our Race Night.

When we decided to hold the Race Night event, it was a risk, we knew that. We totally understand people’s feelings under the current climate. The ‘new norm’, as its being called, has had, and is continuing to have, an impact on individuals, families, businesses and organisations .

Plan B and C..

The good news is that we did gather some great prize donations from local businesses for Race Night, and these will not go to waste.

As well as plans to hold an online auction in time for Christmas (Plan B), we will also have a fundraising stall at Badaguish Christmas Fayre on Sunday 5th December (Plan C) where visitors can play and win a range of prizes. Please pop along if you can and watch out for the launch of our online auction

Why we need the village..

We need to urgently look at ways to fill the shortfall in funds we would have raised through the Race Night Tote and other activities planned for our cancelled event.

Anyone connected to or interested in our village can help us make Aviemore a better place to live – and more specifically, as it’s the top of our agenda just now, support our Community Winter Lights project.

Here’s how..

Read the fully story about our Community Winter Lights here

Our village needs you to achieve it’s fullest potential.
If you want to get more involved, or just have ideas or feedback on our activities, please let us know by emailing


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