31 days of no alcohol…

Please support our chairperson, Judith Bell in her admirable promise to not drink alcohol throughout October 2021 to raise funds for our Winter Lights. That’s 31 days!

For those of you who don’t know Judith, she is a very sociable person, liking nothing better than sharing a bottle of wine with friends and opening a bottle of fizz when zooming friends and family around the globe. She also loves dining out when she gets the chance, and is a sucker for an expresso martini. So, thank you Judith you’re a star! (There is a joke there if you can make a guess at Judith’s second favourite cocktail 😀 )

Whether you think ‘I could easily do that’, or you think ‘wow, I would never do that’, we are very grateful that Judith has decided to take up this challenge.

Aviemore Community Enterprise (ACE) is responsible for the ongoing maintenance and replacement of the village’s winter lights. We receive no funding and therefore rely solely on the generosity of businesses and individuals to cover the costs. The tasks of putting up, taking down and maintenance of the lights are all carried out by a terrific team of volunteers and we are continually grateful to everyone who gives us their support. This support enables us to light up Aviemore with its traditional winter lights each year.

The winter lights are an integral part of our village….

Can you imagine what would Aviemore look like without its winter lights? Can you think of the main street without the bright lights as the nights draw in and become oh so dark? Also, what about our Christmas Eve parade with no winter lights? Its unimaginable!

Why we need your support now…

We appreciate that there are many good (and great) causes asking for your support (as well as your hard earned cash) and like us, they will have also found it difficult to raise money during lock down, with many fundraising events being unable to run. Last year ACE made the decision that we would stand aside as we did not feel comfortable pushing our fundraising for winter lights when so many families, individuals and businesses were struggling due to the pandemic. However, our funds are now running low and we are in the position that we must ask for your support.

Please donate now….

Make your donation now, and help Judith hit her target of £2064 to pay for this year’s new Winter Lights, help us light up Aviemore and make those dark nights a little more cheerful.  Click here to donate now

Thank you. 



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